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Established in 2015, by Darryl Grobbelaar and Luvan Cass, Mobility Hub are specialists in daily-use seating solutions for those in need.

At Mobility Hub we understand that everyone is unique with different requirements that need to be met. We apply our wide knowledge and experience in the field of mobility, together with good seating principles, to build a solution that will not only meet your needs, but will also be comfortable, user-friendly, and reliable.

We supply mobility solutions from manual and electronic wheelchairs, to customised cerebral palsy seating, standing frames, bath chairs, and everything in between.


Step 1

First assessment

We believe in building personal relationships to better understand our clients’ requirements. You’ll be assessed* by one of our experts so we can accurately accommodate your seating and comfort needs and help you find a solution within your budget.

*Initial consultation is free of charge.

Step 2

Production and procurement

The steps of the process might differ from client to client depending on the mobility solution you require. Custom moulded solutions will require a 3D scanning process. Modular equipment will be ordered to spec for individual needs such as seat depth, backrest height, leg length etc. and with the accessories of your choice.

Step 3

Fit and finish

The most important step in the process, the final fitting.

This step is crucial to ensure comfort, seating position, correction, and ease of use as a product is only as good as the positioning of the person in it. final adjustments will be made in in our office to make sure it’s a perfect fit.

Some products might have more than one fitting, for example, custom-moulded seating will also have a “mid fit” before final fitting. This ensures that the shape of the mould is correct before the upholstery is made.


As an independent supplier we have the luxury of using any brand and, with you as the key advisor, we’ll find the best solution from a wide range of local and international products.

For more information on a specific product please feel free to contact us, or even better come and discuss this in person.


Custom moulded seats

A 3D moulded foam seat taken of a body shape, designed to accommodate all fixed deformities such as scoliosis. Wide surface contact ensures the occupant is seated in the best possible position without the risk of pressure sores.

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SPEX Wonder Kimba

This clever seating system allows you to shape and create all the correction, contours, and comfort that are required from a positioning chair. It’s quick and easy, adaptable, and allows for lots of growth.

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Discovery Seat

Designed with smaller children in mind, this seat looks like a normal pram but has all the corrective positioning capabilities needed.

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This easy-to-fold chair is a must-have for all parents and caregivers. Excellent when used to assist with transporting children to and from their daily activities without the headache of trying to fit a cumbersome chair into your car.

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Walking frames

Users of this walker will be walking independently in no time! Loads of accessories can be added to personalise it while assisting with walking.

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Standing frames

This strong, practical, and adjustable standing system for kids gives them the opportunity to interact with others at eye level, while getting much-needed standing therapy.

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This is where protection meets style, no more hard ugly helmets. Look stylish while being safe at the same time.

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Manual wheelchairs

Let us personalise a chair to your specific requirement, whether it be an active chair or a folding chair.

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Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchair users know how important it is to have a tailor-made chair that suits their every need. We’re able to find fitting solutions that offer you more independence and equality at school or at work, and in your leisure time so you can enjoy more comfort and freedom.

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Kidoo Activity chair

This fun chair assist with kids’ school and activities and allows them to participate in class while having all their positioning needs met.

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Bath chair

An in the shower/bath chair that frees up your hands to help with cleaning and gives you peace of mind that your child is safe.

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